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When it comes to audio mastering, you currently have two choices: pay a Mastering Engineer (a great option if you have Taylor Swift or Beyonce money) or pay an AI service to compress your audio all the way to loud town (the option for burgeoning artists that sleep in rental vans). Here's where Releaser steps in with a third option: human-mastered audio at an affordable price. One service that can work with your budget. So, Releaser needed a brand identity and a website that could resonate with its audience. Design that could speak to the tech-savvy world of audio engineering but had the warmth of human touch. Visuals where tech meets soul, sleek, modern lines juxtaposed by textures and imperfections, a vibrant color palette that excites and exudes warmth, and typography that vibes both personal and professional. A simple, intuitive user flow as smooth as vinyl spinning on a turntable. A fully responsive site ensuring a seamless experience on any device. Bridging the gap in the audio mastering market with technical expertise and human touch, Releaser is set to launch early next year.

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