LA Food Policy Council

The Los Angeles Food Policy Council (LAFPC) works to ensure food is healthy, affordable, fair, and sustainable for all.


LAFPC needs a dashboard for a wide variety of users to easily access data visualizations, analytics, case studies, and tools.


Design and build a dashboard, with a homepage, for the LAFPC to link from their primary site.


Timeline: 3 Days

Role: UX/UI Designer

Design Team: Jenni Sloane, Preston Wheeler, Ruben Baez

Development Team: Erin Johnson, Alex Hoskinson, Narek Khachatryan
Platform: Desktop
Tools: Pen & Paper, Figma


Stakeholder Interview

After the project announcement and Q&A our design and development team interviewed the key stakeholder to better understand the problem, who the user is, and what the LAFPC needs from the new dashboard design.

Research & Assumptions

Considering the timeline of the project our design team decided to have the paper prototype done by end of day 1. This enabled the development team to start building in Firebase while the design team started synthesizing the resources provided by LAFPC along with our insights from the stakeholder interview. Collaborating with the development team throughout this process allowed us to make our assumptions based on the qualitative data and inform our design decisions with feasibility in mind. This cross-functionality between teams ultimately saved time and produced a better product.

Low Fidelity Wireframe

From our insights, assumptions, and collaboration with the development team, our design team took the following actions in our paper prototype design:

- Simple color coded global navigation


- Modular data

- Drop down menu for the key findings chart

- Toolkit for downloads

High Fidelity Wireframe

From our insights, assumptions, and collaboration with the development team, our design team took the following actions in our high fidelity prototype design:

- Search bar for more precise access to data


- Data visualizations

- More download points



From this point I would like to conduct more in depth user research through survey and interviews to better understand user needs, frustrations, and behaviors. Right now the user could be anyone, narrowing down who the user is would streamline the LAFPC's ability to reach their goals. I would also like to refine the information architecture through card sorting to improve the dashboard structure, this would streamline the user's ability to make use of the LAFPC's resources. And finally I would like to conduct usability testing to further refine the LAFPC dashboard design.

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