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Inn Cahoots

Following the success of the Fender pop-up at Austin City Limits, Inn Cahoots collaborated with Create Xanadu to remodel their hotel and bar space in Austin. Create Xanadu's vision and vibe is a blend of wild west outlaw grit meets the intoxicating allure of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. The design is an eclectic fusion of elements like reclaimed wood, vintage leather furnishings, plush velvet seating, graffiti-style murals, and oversized chandeliers. These elements combined give the space a renegade charm. With Create Xanadu we created new pieces, like oversized depictions of outlaw figures and bold visuals that evoke the raw energy of the rock 'n roll spirit. The result is a fusion of creativity and rebellion that brings this modern outlaw vision to life in a unique space in the heart of Austin.

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