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As part of the Austin City Limits Music Festival 2022, Fender hosted a pop-up event at Inn Cahoots to celebrate re-releasing some of their iconic guitar models. The event space transformed completely, morphing into a trendy and vibrant venue and bar. Festival-goers could groove to live bands, sip on refreshing beverages, and, most importantly, play an array of Fender guitars – some lucky souls even scored a limited edition guitar to take home. To set the perfect mood for this space, it had to blend hip, modern vibes with a mix of retro and vintage charm. With Create Xanadu, the brilliant minds behind the event's design and makeover, we adorned the venue with custom pieces, ensuring that the art seamlessly resonated with the overall ambiance and aesthetics. Inn Cahoots loved the results so much that they preserved the space as is after the event.

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