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DanceFight is a mobile app that unites people through dance. Users can challenge each other to dance-offs, record and share their moves, and vote for their favorite dancers. After launching the MVP, the founders aimed to enhance the user experience and engagement. Through competitive analysis, we identified the strengths and weaknesses of similar apps like TikTok, Instagram, Triller, and Dubsmash. We then created wireframes, reviewed by stakeholders and users for feedback, and then iterated upon them to make the app a breeze to use.

We made it all happen using some homemade tenets of design. The rules of DanceFight club are:
• Make it easy to understand, nobody got time for complicated apps.
• Make sure everyone can use it, including those with disabilities and those who dance to their own tune.
• Use colors and visuals that vibe "fun and dynamic", no one wants to use a boring, ugly app.
• Gamify, like badges and cash prizes, because who doesn't want external validation or extra cash?

The outcome was increased engagement, happier users, and a growing dance community. DanceFight gets people grooving, one user-centered step at a time.

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