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I’m Jenni, a Product Designer in LA. I’m open to full-time and freelance work. 

What are you more afraid of spiders or snakes?

Bees. If a precious, cute, endangered, little bee buzzes within five feet of me I will scream, drop everything, and run into traffic for some reason. No, I’m not allergic. Don't even talk to me about wasps.

If you had to invent a fun catch phrase to sell toothpaste right now, what would it be?


You are your own tooth fairy, save your teeth.

Would you rather go on a week long safari with Ned Flanders or get a haircut from Rick, of Rick & Morty?


A safari would be amazing, but stupid, sexy Flanders would ruin it for sure. With Rick, nothing is what it seems; a haircut will for sure become an inter-dimensional adventure with drinks. So sign me up for that.

Tomatoes, do you love them or hate them?


I'm not into tomato slices on my burger, but I am into the things tomatoes can become. Like salsa, or marinara, or a rating system for movies.

If you were a scented candle what scent would you be?


Campfire. Then every time someone came over they would be like, "Did you just go camping?" And I would be like, "No, because I'm a candle."

If I asked you to ruin a funeral by bringing only one item with you, what would that item be?


An airhorn

Who is your celebrity crush?


I'm actually married to Keanu, he just doesn't know it yet.



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